A product we believe in

How your pledge makes a difference

Years of research and prototyping mean Bloom is only inches away from being something everyone can afford and use. With the technology behind Bloom Smart™ already proven and in place, pledges on Kickstarter will help us move the camera hardware from prototype to reality. It will also help us build our manufacturing pipeline with an estimated ship date of September 2018 for all systems.

Vote for final camera design

Bloom Smart™ cameras will ultimately be in many (or every) room of your home, so it's important that the camera design reflects your preferences. We're inviting every backer, of any pledge amount, to vote for the final design before manufacturing so that Bloom Smart™ cameras are tailored by you. Look for your invitation to vote in spring 2018.

Our team

Bloom Smart™ is designed by parents for parents and families. From our families to yours, we are deeply appreciative of your support to bring Bloom to life.

See our progress

Our team of parents and engineers have been developing the software behind Bloom Smart™ for years—writing, testing, and refining algorithms. This winter we put our creative team to the test to take the next step in prototyping the camera hardware from sketch to design. Now we are focused on:

  • Developing the alpha version of the Bloom Smart™ app
  • Setting up secure servers and cloud storage that will host and store video
  • Recruiting the Alpha team that will test and shape the future of Bloom Smart™ hardware and software—see our Kickstarter reward for joining

We are on track to invite all our Kickstarter backers to vote for final camera design in spring 2018, with first units shipping in July to the Alpha team and all units shipping in September. We promise to keep all our backers up-to-date on our progress toward launch. Thank you for your support!

Prototype Bloom Smart™ camera circuit board and lens

Prototype Bloom Smart™ camera lens and lens housing

Prototype Bloom Smart™ camera sketches

Prototype Bloom Smart™ camera design blueprints—standing camera

Prototype Bloom Smart™ camera design blueprints—box camera

Prototype Bloom Smart™ camera design mockup - box camera

Prototype Bloom Smart™ camera models

Risks and challenges

With more than 40 years of experience in smart technology and video innovation, the team is confident in the technology that will power Bloom’s software and the Bloom Smart™ Assistant. While we expect no challenges that our team of professional strategists and engineers cannot overcome, camera hardware and app development are our next points of focus.