Privacy and security guaranteed

State-of-the-art bank-level data encryption, storage firewall protection, and user account security protocols all ensure that your memories stay yours forever. You are always in control of your own system settings including permissions, subscriptions (loved ones you choose to share video memories with), cameras, and storage. Bloom stays in the background keeping your system protected and secure.

Bank-level data encryption so your memories stay your memories

In addition, no one has access to your cameras but you. And Bloom engineers never have access to your footage. Videos are recorded and edited algorithmically, never by looking at the footage itself.

Double-layered recording intelligence

Bloom Smart™ is designed and will be tested to record only family-centric video. Two layers of recording intelligence mean you can rest assured that content that should not be captured won't be. Layer one: Intelligent algorithms determine when, how, and what to record as well as when and what NOT to record. Layer two: Cloud processing cuts away bad footage (deemed unusable by its content) without any human involvement.

The smartest smart system you'll ever
bring into your home

Bloom Smart™ is powered by artificial intelligence leveraging the world's leading development in smart technology and video innovation.

Sophisticated algorithms

Based on thousands of combinations of algorithms, Bloom Smart™ cameras record moments in your everyday life at angles and times you wouldn't ordinarily capture on your own.

The world's foremost facial, object, and pattern recognition technology

Using the same technology as self-driving cars, every frame of every moment captured is meta tagged in real-time—date and time, location, people, objects, colors, sounds, the weather, movement, and even emotions—so every moment is searchable by all of these factors.

Constantly evolving intelligence

With machine learning capability, Bloom Smart™ learns, adapts, self-corrects, and optimizes your distinct preferences over time. The result? The smartest home camera and video system the world has ever seen, affordably packaged so anyone can use it to capture their most cherished moments.