How it works

  • Guides you in camera setup so you’re always capturing the best lighting, angle, and viewpoint
  • Intelligently determines when, how, and what to record based on user preferences and smart algorithms. Some basic examples include: captured moments of "baby smiling," "laughing," "playing with dad," or "when three or more people are in the kitchen"
  • Automatically tags, wirelessly uploads, and indexes every video recording to compile and create video memories across time in a way no other software can
  • Alerts you when new video memories are ready, your cameras are out of alignment, or when exciting or concerning activity is happening in other rooms of your house, like “Maisy is singing to dad in the living room” or "Jax is no longer in his crib”

Inside Bloom technology Part I - with Chad Childress
(Head of Product Innovation at Bloom)

Inside Bloom technology Part II - with Chad Childress
(Head of Product Innovation at Bloom)

The Bloom Smart™ app—pocket and share your memories

The intelligence of an entire video network in one easy-to-use app. You don’t need to learn the technology when the technology does the work for you.

  • Set up your cameras and video editing preferences with the Bloom Smart™ Assistant
  • View all your video moments in your media library
  • Sync with other programs to add existing media to your library from your devices, apps, and social media profiles
  • See and share video memory compilations made for you
  • Use the Power Editor to stitch together your own video compilations
  • Manage subscriptions to automatically create and distribute video memories to your loved ones