Bloom Smart™ app - pocket and share your memories

1080p HD video resolution

Cameras record, files are stored, and videos are delivered in HD resolution so you have the clearest, high-quality video memories.

Requires only wifi connection

Bloom Smart™ cameras are wireless and cloud-connected so you need only a wifi connection to sync and upload new media.

Smart motion detection and audio sensing

Cameras record only when they see and/or hear activity in frame that is important to capture for future video memories.

Automated video capture and editing

Video memories are compiled based on an intelligent tagging system and your preferences. Let Bloom produce video memories for you, direct Bloom to create videos based on tags and filters you choose, or create your own video memories with the Bloom Power Editor.

Power Editor granular search and sorting capability

Stitch together your own video memories by searching tag categories for specific people, objects, activities/events, locations, or emotions.

Social integrations

Sync media from any social network with your Bloom Smart™ library to include video from Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, your camera roll, and more in your video memory compilations. Then share any video moment or memory with your friends and family on any social network.

Automatic distribution

Set a schedule to automatically distribute video compilations based on filters and tags you choose—so Grandma can receive video memories of her grandkids every month.

Smart alerts and notifications

The Bloom Smart™ Assistant notification center has a keen eye for what's mostimportant to you and will alert you to new video memories, camera adjustments, and activity in other rooms of your house.

Security and privacy assured

Bloom Smart™ cameras have an LED indicator to let you know when they're recording. Hardware, software, and cloud storage use bank-level data encryption and user account security protocols so you're in complete control of who has access to your system and media. Double-layered recording intelligence ensures all video captured is family-centric. Videos are edited algorithmically and never by looking at the footage itself, so Bloom engineers never have access to your footage or cameras.

Camera and system subscription packages

Affordable packages for every size home and digital family mean you can get 2 cameras (Bloom Starter Kit), 3 cameras (Bloom Smart™ Package), or 5 cameras (Total Bloom Smart™ Home System). See our rewards for all Kickstarter exclusive packages.

Unlimited cloud storage

All Bloom Smart™ packages come with unlimited cloud storage so you never have to choose what moments to keep or delete.

Modular system

Add more cameras to your system any time to capture more rooms, more angles, and more moments.