About Bloom Smart™

The world's smartest camera system for your home that turns moments into cherished memories you can share and keep forever through HD video capture and technology so smart, you don't have to lift a finger.

Bloom in 100 seconds

The story of Bloom - an interview with Bloom founder Nico Coetzee

Capturing everything so you
can be in the moment

Designed by parents, Bloom Smart™ is the first camera system that acts as your own personal and private video crew, complete with an intelligent video assistant who directs the video of your family's life together. Now you can be back in the shot instead of behind the camera and have beautifully edited video memories of every “first”, every “best”, and every “only” that you can enjoy forever.

Bloom Smart™ cameras go anywhere you do

Bloom Smart™ cameras are wireless and cloud connected. Wherever you have a wifi connection, you can be recording, cataloging, and archiving memories to enjoy forever.

No more failed retakes

Never miss another important moment fumbling with your phone—baby’s first steps, blowing out the candles, their faces when they first see Santa’s generosity under the tree, quality time with great-grandpa, or an evening enjoyed with friends.

Video editing done for you

No video editing skills required. Bloom automatically compiles and edits professional-quality videos for you based on moments of similarity (such as all moments with certain people, or in certain locations, or of certain emotions or activities) across any amount of time and at the frequency you choose. So you can receive beautiful video memory compilations of the last week, the last month, the last year, or longer as Bloom grows with your family.